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***** Review of "The Container" : "Door closes and you are left in the dark. On the outside you know it's a shipping container. On the inside, well, you are just about to discover... There are four people hiding in that very same container you have entered, by paying a ticket: a mum with her "daughter" running to safety to a last relative, Fatima (Adanna Oji) and Asha (Charlyne Francis), a young man with wife and baby in England, Jemal (Francois Pandolfo) and a controversial businessman who needs to come to terms with his immigration status, Ahmad (Mihai Arsene)... Ahmad, exquisite inherited by a rare versatile actor Mihai Arsene, is the most controversial character of the play, as you'll never expect to find a businessman travelling countries in a shipping container, together with refugees, considering he does not recognise himself to be one. He claims to be a businessman and once in England he does not want charity from the British authorities, but just to run a business. Prior to that, Ahmad will be faced with the dilemma of helping another human being and he does not act out of a protective survival instinct towards your own kind, as we all expect to up to the last minute, but as a real businessman, Ahmad proves that although a coward, bullied and frightened, he might be the only one who told the truth about themselves from the beginning. In business he will be able to keep a cool head and haggle every opportunity he has... The cast put together by director Bridget Keehan is an exceptional one, with actors trained in the UK and abroad. Considering the flawless performance delivered by the actors Mihai Arsene, Charlyne Francis, Amra Mallassi, Adanna Oji, Francois Pandolfo and Jumaan Short and the extraordinary authentic experience created by the director's vision, I want to believe that this show will have a life outside it's short run during the Welsh Refugee Week." by Veronica Lazar for www.remotegoat.co.uk on 26th June 2011 in Cardiff 

***** Review of "Before I sleep" :  "You'll see Ranevskaya and Gayev, exquisite inherited by Ulrika Belogriva and Mihai Arsene (double cast with Lena Chakmina and Oleg Mirochnikov, as the show runs 4 hours), having the 5 o'clock tea in the garden and out of the boredom of the habit they start developing small arguments, in an attempt to annoy each other, as brothers usually do; an extraordinary live exhibition of belle epoque style." by Veronica Lazar for www.remotegoat.co.uk on 9th May 2010 

**** Review of "A Sense of Delicacy":  "Mihai Arsene, doing Romania proud."   Mihai Arsene believes himself to be the first Roumanian actor to appear on stage in London's West End. If that's so and if Mihai is representative of professional acting in his country, we in London have been missing a lot. For in his performances as Nikolay Andreich at The Leicester Square Theatre, Mihai unleashes a powerful display of theatre craft at its best. "A Sense of Delicacy" is Mihai's own dramatization of Anton Chekov's "Notes from the Journal of a Quick-Tempered Man". Deftly directed and designed with the light touch of fellow Roumanian Veronica Lazar, this monologue takes us on a beautifully acted, amusing, dizzying, emotional journey of not just the man in question, but also that of young, elongated faced, Mashenka and her maman.
Nikolay Andreich is an accountant studying fiscal law, writing a thesis entitled The Dog Tax; Its Past and Future. Unable to write much more than the title, Nikolay is angry with himself, frustrated and easily distracted by her of the elongated face. From the street, she calls up to him on his balcony, she has no difficulty in enticing him back to her house. And this turn of events goes against Nikolay's wishes as he has "…absolutely no interest in young ladies, love songs, the moon and suchlike nonsense.." So what does Nikolay want - what do any of us want? He wants purpose and fulfilment - understanding the basics of either would advantage Nikolay, enormously. In the meantime, his failure to achieve fuels his ill-temper, his inability to effectively revaluate leaves him quagmired, gaining him nothing but targets for his misdirected anger.
Increasingly coquettish, Mashenka turns up the heat in the summer house, her maman's one, wide, beady eye misses nothing. But does maman approve of the match? Will romantically-challenged Nikolay free the passions he has always kept prisoner?
Animating his expression with the skill of an imaginative cartoonist, conjuring with his black hat and the flower from his lapel, Mihai Arsene takes us into the private worlds of his characters. Better yet, Mihai brings "A Sense of Delicacy" back to The Leicester Square Theatre in May. This a Russian tale told by a Roumanian master of his craft - don't miss it! 
             by Stephen Hunt for www.remotegoat.co.uk on 18th March 2009 


"Bucharest Underground"  "Mihai Arsene has a great ability to delve into the world of the characters he inhabits, as witnessed by the audience in the sold-out production at the Edric Hall Theatre last month(29th Jan.2009!)."  by Ramona Mitrica, Director of The Romanian Cultural Centre in London, 2009  


Review of "Hotel Europe - full"  "... an ambitious metamorphosis made by Mihai Arsene in a discourse about the errors and horrors of intolerance."  by Ion Parhon, "Scrisul românesc", Jan-Feb. 2005 


Review of "Therese Raquin"  "The end of this nightmare with the eyes fully open has impressed us, and the cruelty strike of the killer lovers, remarkably brought alive by Cerasela Iosifescu (Therese) and Mihai Arsene (Laurent), has moved us greatly."    "Cotidianul", 2004 


Review of "Twelfth Night"  "Antonio, Mihai Arsene, is of a great expresiveness, delicate oscilating between grace and parody.”  by Adrian Mihalache, "Galeria Agora", 2004 


Review of "Of the Carnival"  "OF THE CARNIVAL" has a celebration cast:Ilie Gheorghe, Sorin Leoveanu, Mirela Cioabă, Nicolae Poghirc, Mihai Arsene."                  by Ion Parhon, “Romania Libera”, dec. 2001 


Review of "Dog's Waltz"  “The abundance of power, professional ambition and the exciting freshness of the game, are shown in the evolution of young performer Mihai Arsene (Henrik Tile), an actor with great resources in a large and varied affective register, who made himself remarked as well in the Mangalia’s “Hop Gala”, before he was hired at the National Theatre of Craiova.” by Ion Parhon, “Romania Libera”, November 2001