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English language voice samples

 Standard English     http://www.mihaiarsene.com/Voice clips/English standard - commercial demo - Mihai Arsene.mp3

 Corporate                 http://www.mihaiarsene.com/Voice clips/Corporate ENGLISH language.mp3

 Commercial              http://www.mihaiarsene.com/Voice clips/Commercial demo, The Times - Mihai Arsene.mp3

  Promo                        http://www.mihaiarsene.com/Voice clips/Promo ENGLISH language (Johny Test-CN).mp3

Romanian language voice samples

Narration         http://www.mihaiarsene.com/Voice clips/Povestea Sfintei Duminici.mp3

 Commercial      http://www.mihaiarsene.com/Voice clips/Promo RUMANIAN language (Margelatu DVD).mp3

 Corporate         http://www.mihaiarsene.com/Voice clips/Corporate RUMANIAN language (Orange).mp3


Compiled Voicereel - several languages

 http://www.mihaiarsene.com/Voice clips/Mihai Arsene - french+italiano+romania+russian.mp3

1.  French Accent, "Don Juan" by Moliere

2.  Italian Language, "Il Servitore Di Due Padroni" by Carlo Goldoni

3.  Romanian Language, "Moftangiul" by I.L. Caragiale

4.  Eastern European Accent "Heartbreak House" by G.B. Shaw

Harap Alb's friends - stories in Romanian language


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