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Mihai Arsene is a Romanian born actor, who has been on the stage of several well know Romanian theatres for more than 15 years: "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre of Craiova, "Anton Pann" State Theatre, "Al. Davila" State Theatre of Pitesti, "G.A.Petculescu" State Theatre of Resita, etc. Between 1997 - 2001, Mihai studied Acting in Stanislavski technique at the Faculty of Theatrical Arts of the old University of Craiova, graduating at the class of his later stage colleague, the Master Ilie Gheorghe.

Mihai Arsene made himself remarked at the YOUNG ACTOR'S "HOP" GALA in Mangalia, 2001, where for his performance with the lead role The Teacher in the one man show "The Lesson" by Eugene Ionesco, Mihai won a Participating Internship at The International Festival of Avignon, 2001. Later that year, Mihai Arsene made his professional debut on the stage of "Anton Pann" State Theatre of Rm.Valcea in the lead role of Mr. Bogoiu from "Holiday Game" by Mihail Sebastian, directed by the well know former director of the National Theatre of Craiova, Emil Boroghina. Mihai was awarded THE BEST MASCULINE INTERPRETATION AWARD for his performance with the role of Mr Bogoiu, in the same year, as part of THE "FIRST ROLE" ACTOR STUDENT FESTIVAL - Iasi, Romania, 2001. A few months later he was hired as a permanent actor at the famous National Theatre of Craiova, where he played many successful lead roles until he decided to take a leap of faith and move to England.

Mihai Arsene is now a freelance actor, being the first Romanian actor to perform in West End, where he made his British theatre debut in 2009 with the world premiere of a short Checkhovian comedy entitled "A Sense of Delicary", dramatized after "The Journal of a Quick Tempered Man".

In 2010, Mihai has made his debut on screen, after being cast by BAFTA award winning director Joern Utkilen in the award winning short film "ASYLUM".  Since then, Mihai has developed his career in film, TV and carried on performing on stage from time to time. 

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