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  Are you getting married soon? 

   Are you already married? 

   Have you ever been close to tight the knot?

   You need to see the show! 

   Is one of your friends preparing for a

  “forever, ever” dream?

   Bring him or her to see the show! 

   “A SENSE OF DELICACY” can be more 

or less, the story of every man.

A first dramatization

   of one of the best  Chekhov's comic stories

   from his early years of writing

“Notes from the Journal of a Quick-Tempered Man”, one of those endless holiday stories

that put different bachelor men in very uncomfortable and delicate situations,

where their delicacy it is taken for granted.

One Man Show. Variegated damsels. Endless situations.

A definite must see!                      

Cast: Mihai Arsene as Nikolay Andreich                                      Director & Designer: Veronica Lazar     


       West End World Premiere of Chekhov's comic story is coming to

Edinburgh Festival Fringe from           


  ***** WhatsOnStage.com        **** RemoteGoat.co.uk







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