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Mihai Arsene attached as lead in HEARTS OF COLD STONE (2014)

Posted by Mihai Arsene on February 28, 2013 at 9:25 AM

Mihai has been attached to the cast of HEARTS OF COLD STONE (2014), inheriting the lead role of Lenoir Guignon, a French Resistance leader, during the events that lead to the massacre of an entire French village by the Nazis. The WW2 feature length film has been written by British playwright Stephen M. Hunt and the script has already won multiple awards in LA. The production is being developed by AVAnti Productions [UK] and Creative Sound [FR], who are currently looking to sign on a great director to develop this movie, before the 70th anniversary of the unfortunate event.

LOGLINE: After his daughters are raped and murdered by Nazis in Paris and thesubsequent dissolving of his marriage, a Polish artist agrees to bankroll a fledging French Resistance group to seek vengeance upon the Nazis.

Mihai is joining the cast of HEARTS OF COLD STONE together with Brian Blessed and Hildegard Neil.

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