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Posted by Mihai Arsene on January 30, 2017 at 1:25 AM

We are pleased to announce that the end of 2016 brought the confirmation of a project long waited on the London stage: a playwright premiere in the UK for Matei Visniec and his play What Shall We Do With The Cello? 

This is a brilliant play for our times, written by a major European playwright, Matei Visniec, who sought asylum in France from Romania in 1987. Banned in Romania until after the fall of Ceausescu, this razorsharp and very funny play on intolerance and the terrible consequences of living without thinking was written from a place of deep experience.


MIHAI was cast by director Vasile Nedelcu and is currently rehearsing in the Atelier Theatre production for London VAULT's Festival 2017. Mihai is inheriting the role of The Man With The Stick. The performance is opening in London's VAULT Festival 2017 and will run between 8th - 12th February.

Something is wrong, the rain just won't stop. In a waiting room: the man with the newspaper, the lady with the veil, the old man with the stick. In a corner, the man with the cello is ceaselessly playing his instrument. Very quickly, the repetitive and obsessing tune drives them mad. They try, taking turns, to convince him to stop, but the man with the cello won't. He is playing, more and more passionately, alone against everybody... The others will have to organize themselves against this unexpected musical aggression...


VAULT FESTIVAL 8th - 12th February at 19:15pm with Matinee on 11th February at 16:45.

You can BOOK YOUR TICKET now, if you want to see our actors and immerse yourself in an absurd situation of our daily life...

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